Alongside the production of our ethanol, we are working to scale methanol production for application across various industries including shipping and automotive. Our carbon-negative methanol has been tested and has been proven to be cleaner than AA-grade methanol. The shipping industry is gradually transitioning to using green methanol as a low-carbon fuel alternative and we’re here to help.


How it's made

  • Technology

The carbon dioxide (CO2) we use in our process is captured at a source point. We create hydrogen on-site that is fed into our award-winning and patented Carbon Conversion Reactor alongside the CO2 where a proprietary reaction occurs, transforming the hydrogen and CO2 into impurity-free ethanol, methanol and water. Our distillation process then separates the methanol from the ethanol and water.

Liters produced to date: 20,169Liters produced to date: 20,169Liters produced to date: 20,169