We’re taking to the air, creating the future of our commercial goods and regenerating the aviation industry. We’re introducing one of the first aviation fuels made from CO2, powering air travel with air itself. Sustainable aviation fuel plays an integral role in reducing the carbon footprint of traditional fuels significantly, and by 2050, all airlines will have to transition to 100% sustainable fuel. We’re emerging as a pioneer in this space, creating a carbon-neutral jet fuel to be distributed across North America. To curb our emissions stemming from transport, we’ll deploy modular sites as close to airports as possible, creating a direct facility-to-airport pipeline.

Jet Fuel

How it's made

The CO2 we use in our process is captured at a point source. We create H2 on-site that is fed into our award-winning and patented Carbon Conversion Reactor alongside the CO2 where a proprietary reaction occurs, transforming the H2 and CO2 into paraffins. Paraffins are long-chain hydrocarbons that have a high energy density, one example of a mixture of paraffins is kerosene. Once refined, this becomes sustainable aviation fuel (Jet-A).

Liters produced to date: 20,169Liters produced to date: 20,169Liters produced to date: 20,169