Created at the height of the pandemic to help combat a global threat, Air Spray is a fast-drying, 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer made from air. It’s a carbon-negative antibacterial spray that protects against germs while quantifiably improving the air we breathe.

Available for purchase in a trio in the United States, we donate a 3-pack for every 3-pack sold to a climate-centered non-profit organization.

50 mL
Glass Bottle
Air Spray Hand Sanitizer

How it's made

The carbon dioxide (CO2) we use in our process is captured at a source point. We utilize hydrogen gas produced on-site that is fed into our award-winning and patented Carbon Conversion Reactor alongside the CO2 where a proprietary reaction occurs, transforming the hydrogen and CO2 into impurity-free ethanol, methanol and water. Our distillation process separates these compounds from one another and then we hand-mix the ethanol and water together. Finally, we mix in the purified water, glycerol and hydrogen peroxide.

91% wind
9% solar
Hydrogen SourceOn-site Electrolysis
CO2 reduced per 3-pack
0.214 kg

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Liters produced to date: 20,169Liters produced to date: 20,169Liters produced to date: 20,169
Bottles Donated
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Proof that it’s possible to balance practicality with impact.

Every bottle of Air Spray hand sanitizer produced sequesters as much CO2 as one fully-grown Acacia does in a single day.

Air Spray hand sanitizer is engineered and mixed at Air Innovation Centre.

Our 100% biodegradable labels are created using vegetable ink on printers that run on renewable energy and use recycled water. They’re bound to the bottle using a special, non-toxic tack, allowing them to be easily removed. Our bottle was designed to be given a second life beyond its initial use.

In 2020, when the pandemic took hold, we pivoted our production to create Air Spray hand sanitizer and worked with the city of New York to distribute it to those in need. To date, we have donated over 16,000 bottles to frontline workers, non-profit organizations, small businesses and beyond, and continue doing so as an ongoing company initiative.