Air Eau de Parfum is the world’s first fragrance made from air. Inspired by the earth’s most abundant and vital elements of air, water and sun, it’s a genderless and limited-release fragrance.

Air Eau de Parfum is offered with two cap variations; a gloss chrome cap and a satin-finish white cap. 

Top: Orange Peel, Fig Leaf
Heart: Jasmine, Violet, Azalea, Sweetwater
Base: Powdery Musk, Tobacco

Our debut fragrance is now available for pre-order in the United States and will ship in Spring 2022.

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50 mL
Glass Bottle
Air Eau de Parfum

How it's made

  • Technology

The carbon dioxide (CO2) we use in our process is captured at a source point. We utilize hydrogen gas produced on-site that is fed into our award-winning and patented Carbon Conversion Reactor alongside the CO2 where a proprietary reaction occurs, transforming the hydrogen and CO2 into impurity-free ethanol, methanol and water. Our distillation process separates these compounds from one another and then we hand-mix the ethanol and water together. Lastly, the scent is added to create Air Eau de Parfum.

Electricity91% wind
9% solar
Hydrogen SourceOn-site Electrolysis
CO2 reduced per bottle0.036 kg

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Liters produced to date: 20,169Liters produced to date: 20,169Liters produced to date: 20,169

Not your conventional fragrance.

Olfactive Family: Fresh, Citrus

Air Eau de Parfum is designed, engineered, mixed and bottled in New York.

We opted to use synthetic ingredients to create our fragrance to be kinder to the environment and hope to help end the stigma around synthetics. We're proud to say we consciously-sourced all ingredients locally within the Tri-state area.

Air Eau de Parfum's chrome and white caps are designed to be repurposed. The fragrance was created sans label, and we use recycled cardboard to make our boxes. Both the box and the glass bottle were designed to be given a second life beyond their initial use.