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Anthropogenic climate change is one of the greatest challenges our planet faces today, and is exacerbated by our reliance on burning fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Plants continue to sequester CO2 as they have for billions of years using photosynthesis, however, humankind is releasing CO2 at a rate that is too fast for plants to keep up with. This is the reason we at Air Company developed a process that mimics photosynthesis but is both faster and more efficient at keeping our air clean.

Air Company’s patented technology transforms carbon dioxide captured from the air into impurity-free alcohols that can be used in spirits, fragrances, sanitizers, and a variety of consumer industries. In the long-term, it can even be used as a carbon-negative fuel.

Our technology uses only air, water, and sunlight as inputs. It starts by using captured carbon dioxide from absorption-based air capture technology and generating electricity from sunlight using solar energy to power our conversion system. Our conversion system breaks apart the captured carbon dioxide along with water over our proprietary catalysts and reforms them to produce alcohol, with oxygen as the only byproduct. This process has net-negative carbon emissions, removing one and a half kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per kilogram of alcohol produced in a complete life cycle analysis.

Cleans as
much CO2
As 8 trees.