Climate change stands before us as the most pressing and complex challenge, and all solutions point towards carbon tech. Air Company seeks to demonstrate to the world that there’s limitless potential in technology and in doing so, is actively working to remove and repurpose CO2, the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Through innovation and disruptive methodology, we created proprietary technology that will serve as a blueprint for carbon tech solutions globally, and our expansion of modular facilities will help us do just that.

Where it began

The catalyst for it all was an overseas encounter between Gregory Constantine and Dr. Stafford Sheehan in 2017, where they realized they shared a common goal of bettering the planet. Following countless hours of iteration and innovation, they launched Air Company in 2019 to rethink and rework solutions that propel and challenge how we engage with our climate crisis.

Where we currently are

With a current focus on creating beautifully designed and innovative consumer goods, we’re committed to demonstrating that you don't have to compromise on quality when choosing to purchase sustainably. We believe in using design as a tool to communicate the attractiveness of sustainability.

Where we're going

Our company’s priority is to utilize as much CO2 as possible to slow the momentum of climate change, using consumer goods in the near term as our educational tool to show the world what is possible. As a company, we are focused on creating change by innovating in the production of alcohol-based products on earth and will use these same methods to extend humanity into space. We believe that the impossible is in fact, possible and are here to demonstrate to the world that there is limitless potential in technology and that it should be accessible to all.




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