We believe that smart executions of the right science can change the world, so we created an innovative and patented technology to tackle the planet’s most vexing problem: anthropogenic climate change.

Our first product, Air Vodka with Natural Flavors, is a perfect example of that. It’s sugar-free, carbohydrate-free, gluten-free, impurity-free and the world’s highest quality and most sustainable spirit. It's carbon-negative with indisputable impact.

And spirits is only the beginning for us. We will be applying our innovative technology across a multitude of industries, consistently delivering goods that can change the world. We know we’re not alone in our pursuit of a cleaner and greener future, so it’s only right that partnerships and collaborations are at the forefront. We’re eager to push the envelope with like-minded individuals and brands, collaborating on multifunctional products that widen imaginations and create change. Welcome to the future.